Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Coin Values

Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Coin Values

Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Coin Values is determined by their initial production number designated by the US Mint, this number is called the “mintage”. Mintage refers to how many coins, for that year and mint, that were produced in that calendar year. In example, the 1909 S VDB has a low mintage of 484,000 and since these coins circulated they have an even lower survival rate.

Another factor of value is how popular a coin series is and this popularity creates more demand. The more people who want to collect the less there is to go around so the value increases. So just because a coin is rare or old doesn’t always mean it is most valuable, because it must be in demand to become and remain valuable.

Another factor is how the coin has toned over the years and that is referred to as “Brown (BN)”, Red-brown (RB)” or “Red (RD)” with brown being the least valuable and full mint RD being most valuable toning condition.

Also, the only time a high mintage (common date) Lincoln Cent is worth a lot of money is if it is graded a high grade by PCGS or NCG and sometimes ANACS third party grading companies. Below is the key dates to look for, all other coins will be valued at a few cents each to a few dollars with a few cents being most likely for circulated coins.

1909 S Key Date Counterfeit or Real?
1909 VDB DDO Doubled Die Obverse
1909 S Lincoln Cent Semi Key Date
1909-S S Over Horizontal S
1909 S/S Lincoln Cent RPM (Not Horizontal)
1910 S/S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1910 With V.D.B. or 09′ Reverse (Unknown?)
1911-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1911-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1914 D Counterfeit or Real?
1914 S Lincoln Cent Value Semi-Key Date
1917 Doubled Die Cent
1922 No D Lincoln Cent
1922 Weak D Lincoln Cent Penny
1925-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1927 Doubled Die Obverse
1927-D Doubled Die Obverse
1928-S Large Mint Mark
1929-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1930-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1930-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1931 S Lincoln Cent Value Semi-Key Date
1934 Doubled Die Oberse
1934-D Doubled Die Obverse – RPM
1935 Doubled Doe Obverse
1936 Doubled die obverse, the date, LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST has some doubling.
1938-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1938-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1939 Doubled Die Obverse
1941 Doubled die reverse: Doubling of the date and LIBERTY.
1942 Doubled Die Obverse
1942-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1942-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1943 Copper Lincoln Cent
1943 Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1943-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1943-S Doubled Die Obverse
1943-P Copper Planchet
1943 S Copper Planchet 3.11 grams Cent
1944 D Struck On Steel Planchet
1944 S Struck On Steel Planchet Cent
1944 Steel Lincoln Cent
1944-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1945 Doubled Die Obverse
1944 D Over S FS-511
1944 D over D FS-512
1946-S S Mint mark Punched over a D mint mark.
1946-S Inverted Mint Mark
1946-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1947 Doubled Die Obverse
1947-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1949-D Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1949-S Doubled Die Obverse
1950-S Repunched Mint Mark (RPM)
1951 Proof Doubled Die Obverse
1951-D Doubled Die Obverse
1955 Doubled die
1955-D Stamped over a horizontal D.
1955-P No VDB.
1955-P Lincoln Wheat Cent Double Die cent.
1956-D D Stamped over a D mint mark.
1958 Doubled Die Cent