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I Looked My Coin Up On The Internet And It’s Valuable

I Looked My Coin Up On The Internet And It’s Valuable

As a coin shop we hear this quote often when someone walks in the door or calls on the phone. The problem is they didn’t actually look up the value of their coin, they did a Google search and saw what someone was trying to sell the coin for.

Here’s an example: If you type in 1944 penny value in a google search this is the first thing you see.

As you can see these are etsy ads but it isn’t always etsy, sometimes you will see other site ads in a Google search. The main takeaway from this is these are what someone is trying to sell the coins for and NOT what they sell for.

What you should be searching for is a legitimate price guide, so your search should be, Lincoln Cent Price Guide. When you do that you see a result as in the image below.

Another thing you should do if your coin is not certified and graded in a holder is to do an ebay sold item search. You got to ebay, type in your coin date, mint and denomination then scroll down on the left hand side, look for sold items and click that. Ebay will show you what they sell for.

Look at the image below to see what the button looks like at ebay.

You will see many different sold values but just match the look of your coin to one that has sold to get the best idea. If you’re still confused then call us at 740-354-2646 and we can help you with your coin’s value.

You can also bring your coins into our shop in Portsmouth, Ohio and our address is 614 Chillicothe Street, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662. We buy, sell and appraise coins, currency, collections and Numismatic Estates.

We are Portsmouth, Ohio’s local coin dealer and coin shop and have decades of experience to better serve you.

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